Saturday, May 24, 2008


Queens, NY to Charlotte, NC -- that's a long fucking drive. However, it went really fast and I made excellent time. I did not get lost once (except in Manhattan, because in typical Stroll fashion I have to fuck up before I even get out of town), and ran into no traffic delays (again, except in Manhattan, which felt like half the trip in itself). I had to stop at a pizza joint downtown to pee and ask for the way back to 278, but the cutie serving me gave me a whole new route: Holland Tunnel to 95, and a strait shot south from there, which was excellent travelling advice. For getting out of town at close to 5:00 PM and getting to South Hill, VA a little after one, I think I did a good job. And no speeding tickets to boot, what with the cops all over the place for Memorial Day Weekend.

I'm debating should I start the journey back tomorrow or Tuesday. I think I might get started tomorrow in case I have to stop somewhere for the night, since I have to be at work on Wednesday and wouldn't have that option on Tuesday. At any rate, more later, the boy trouble follows me across state lines.

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