Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Maybe you came to your senses

Your eyes opened wide and you saw
the poison, in a little vial.
Your ears must have heard the symphony
and you had to have breathed in the scent
of home cooking gone wrong.
Suddenly it became clear to you
like the tiny little ship in a glass bottle.
How the hell did that thing get in there?

Young eyes see beauty sometimes
in the black night where scars
and suitcases filled with body parts
are invisible.
Young fingers feel silk
on hot ovens and points of nails.
The young walk right into the giant’s
foothold and touch his pounding heart.

But even the youngest knows better
than to play with rattle snakes
because they make a musical noise.
The young know that lightening is both
pretty and dangerous.
The young know better about most things
like locking doors and both sides of the street.

When someone says they have feelings
for you they might not be ones
you would have hoped for over
your birthday cake candles.
Maybe you just grew up a little,
got a year or two behind you,
looking over your shoulder afraid,
or maybe you just knew it all along.

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