Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Nightmare Grows

Regular readers know that I am obsessed with and horrified by bedgus -- or more acturately, with getting bedbugs, the indefatigable enemy of human comfort that are making a comeback with NYC as their plagued hotbed. I blogged about that recent siting of a sign on a mattres in my buildings trash room stating simply "infested", with no identification of what had infested it, as one more thing that is stoking my paranoia and my belief in the inevitability of encountering these bloodthirsty creatures.

Yesterday I was sitting in a pizza joint on the UWS, and from the corner of my eye I noticed a tiny little bug moving over the table. It was of course disgusting so I immediatly stood up and prepared to leave. Before I did, I examined the critter. Based on my personal research into the subject, I do not think it was a bedbug...but one can never be sure. I

Well this morning when I got up, I checked my text messages, and there was one from Kevondrala -- who is experienced in bedbugs because he manages properties that have been infested. The message read: "Emergency. News reports that bed bugs are in the subways."

Watch in horror, friends.

When does the nightmare end?! Bring back DDT, I say. My own thoughts on an inventive and simple solution for ridding a residence of bed bugs forthcoming.


K. said...

Don't take them with you when you move. *shudder*

taylorSiluwé ..... said...


I don't think you can see bed bugs, so that on the table in the pizza parlor was just your run-of-the-mill critter.

We had bed bugs in my first apartment. You couldn't see them. But you couldn't sleep either; you wake up scratching and miserable.

We threw the mattress away. Damn. Just thinking about it, I'm scratching again.

Stroll said...

Oh, you can TOTALLY see them. They are very, very small but not microscopic. They are good hiders and travelers, and they are all around us!! AHHHH!