Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ride Like the Wind

When I moved to Texas in 1998 -- ten years ago, time flies! -- my friend Mike Hunt made me a mixed tape, complete with personalized packaging, that I cherished, and listened to during the whole insanely long drive. I still have it to this day though it might, at this point, be damaged (not to mention the technology is obsolete). One of the songs on that tape was "Ride Like the Wind", a personal favorite. For that move it was just me, my little red Mazda MX3, and all of my worldly posessions which fit in the hatchback. I found the group I was meeting there, stayed with one who would become one of my best friends for a few days, and then found a 250 square foot domicile with shelving and the bed built into the wall. Life was quite simple back then.

When I moved to New York, it was fairly straitforward also. My dad and brother helped me load the truck. This time I needed a Uhaul, but that was pretty much it. I also had help upon arrival in Astoria. Lito was in town over the New Years holiday, and he actually drove that Uhaul from NC to NY. Upon our arrival I had him and Kevondrala to assist in the moving in process. Long and exhausting, but easy, and on New Year's Day 2000, I was all set in Queens. I had an apartment just waiting for me, the one I live right now.

Well it is almost time to Ride Like the Wind again. This time it ain't so easy. I do not just have an apartment waiting for me down there. I have to go ahead of time and find one. I do have places to stay, but I have a lot of shit to move in a truck -- some of which will be left behind -- and no one to really help me, so I'm considering against my better judgement hiring day laborers from outside the paint store to lug this shit down the stairs.

Upon my arrival, I will have limited and unreliable help -- someone could back out, someone could have to work that day, etc. -- and I don't really know where one finds day laborers in Charlotte. Additionally, upon my arrival I have to get immediate access to a car, which I also plan to purchase ahead of time, and coordinate the return of the truck with the pick up of the car. The more I think about it the more complicated it gets. A bitch has a lot to do! I've started planning now and I can tell you it is going to take more vacation days than I've got and about $100 million dollars to do this.

Then there's the cats, who I'm thinking about moving over Memorial Day which may or may not work out. They'll have a big backyard and a lot of other cats to play with/attack at their foster home, but they are gonna be a nightmare to get down there. Jackie is NOT going to like a cat carrier for 10 - 15 hours of driving.

I'll figure all this out. It's giving me a headache, and I haven't even had my talk wtih my boss yet. Sigh.

"But I've got such a long way to go..."

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