Monday, May 19, 2008


Last night when I was entering my apartment building at approximately 10:30 PM, a squirrel darted towards me causing me to jump sky-high over it, as it ran out through the door, trapping itself between the two sets of main doors in the foyer. The two Muslim dudes who live on my wing of the building had been trying to usher it out, and when they witnessed this, the normally humorless, non-smiling, head-nod only men doubled over in laughter, as did the Mafioso dude who lives on the other wing, who had a broom in hand, trying to get the little critter down from the third floor. It was me who accidentally gave it its freedom. Well, actually, one of the Muslims did because I wasn’t going into its between-doors cage for fear it might try to climb my leg in a terrified attempt to claw my eyes out. It’s not a rat but it’s still a RODENT!

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