Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Sweet Sweet Motherhood

A good while back (2005 in fact), I asked, on this blog, “Who the hell needs a live chicken in New York City?”

And shortly thereafter, I received a random, entirely serious answer (in 2006) from one Jeremy Kareken.

As it turns out, I think Jeremy used the “add everyone in your Yahoo address book” feature on Facebook, and I received a request and added him, only realizing he was the Live Chicken Question Answerer a few months ago.

Well now, Jeremy’s play, “The Sweet Sweet Motherhood” is kind of hitting the big time and coming to New York. (See flyer, click for bigger.)

He writes on Facebooks' Super Wall:

As many of you know, last year I had a play commissioned by the Guthrie Theater and the Playwrights Center in Minneapolis. That play will be having a number of readings this Spring in New York City.

The play's the story of a young woman and her bizarre proposal for her undergraduate thesis. She wants to inseminate one of her eggs with chimpanzee sperm. I wrote the play in collaboration with Prof. Lee Silver, a molecular biologist and professor of Public Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.

I hope you get folks get a chance to see this piece on its feet. It's become a real labor of love for Lee and me. You can hear a little more about the piece on NPR's RadioLab. And of course we just got mentioned in the New York Times in the context of that "abortion artist" at Yale. Yale, always a few years behind the curve, huh?

The schedule of the readings are:

The following readings will be featuring Caroline Cooney. She read the piece in Minneapolis and she was so good, I got her a plane ticket so she could read the piece again here in NYC. She just got done with the Guthrie's Jane Eyre. Directors, producers and casting directors take note, these are great (possibly only) chances to see this amazing talent. She'll be working a heck of a lot, and I don't think Minneapolis is ready to give her up yet so don't miss this chance.

May 12 – 2:00pm at Manhattan Theatre Club's 43rd Street Studios. This is really more of a rehearsal for us, but I'm opening it up to you folks because some of you work at night and we'd like an audience and your comments, as always.

May 12 – 6:00pm at Ensemble Studio Theatre. While the Marathon at EST rehearses, we'll be on our feet showing you just how to make a chimp baby. With the proper tools and expertise you'll be feeding your kids bananas in as little as seven short months!

May 13 – Time 7:00pm at The Actors Studio.

I think this proves that The Butch Stroll is read by IMPORTANT and SUCCESSFUL people. Congrats to him. I plan to attend.

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