Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Words from Janis

"A while back, it was about a year ago I think it was, I had this apartment in San Francisco, I lived on the third floor of this little tiny apartment building. Had two rooms and a dog, right? I lived up on the third floor. And I used to walk around town, and I had, you know, a couple pairs of Levis, and a couple of t-shirts, and I thought I had my shit together pretty good man. You know? I was out on the streets talking that talk and doin' all that shit, and every time I found a nice piece of talent, he went right strait down to this chick on the second floor -- there was another chick on the second floor, right? And I couldn't understand, I couldn't understand. I kept saying, 'Janis, what are you doing wrong?' So I decided to get up one morning and check out the chick's action, right? Figure out what she had going that I didn't have going. I got up at nine thirty in the morning, which I want you to know was an effort on my part. And I got up at nine thirty in the morning and I hid in the stairwell across from her apartment, and I watched her and watched her to see what she had that I didn't have. And I'll tell you what she had man. That chick hit the streets at noon. I mean, I didn't get up 'til three. This chick was already on the streets hustling, man. So I figured out what you gotta do, man. Every time you're lookin' for a little piece of...action. And you ain't gettin' it, man, you know what you better do, baby. You better try harder."

--Janis Joplin

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