Thursday, June 05, 2008

"New York City ain't no kind of place for a country girl with a friendly face..."

At the end of the Sex and the City movie, Kevondrala said to me, “See? Now are you sure you want to leave?” Because my experience in New York City so closely mirrors the lifestyle of Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones, see.

Anyway, several times in the last few weeks the Sex and the City episode, in which Carrie stupidly declines to allow the hottest man who has ever appeared on the show to further pursue her because he says something negative about New York, has come up. Her reason in the episode is because she is in a “relationship” with New York City, and “nobody talks shit about my boyfriend”.

So B mentioned the approaching departure from New York as my “saying goodbye to my lover” referencing that show. And I said, “Well, honestly it’s been an abusive relationship.” This boyfriend hits me sometimes. He also takes all my money for himself. And he’s frankly kind of stinky a lot of the time, and a big fat liar. But I’ve stayed this long because I love him…but he ain’t gonna change. ;)

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