Monday, July 07, 2008

I love the USVI

Due to my proximity to Puerto Rico, the internet is showing me everything in Spanish.

Saint Thomas USVI is just beautiful and wonderful. Sadly, it looks like in about 15 years it will be commercialized to the point of Myrtle Beach. I have had a great time here, however, the sad fact of my tremendous stress level has kind of kept me from fully enjoying myself. My roommate, my cats, moving, my work, money, the amount of money I've spent here, not having any money, money being sucked out of my pockets, my apartment, did I mention moving?, health concerns, future worries, needing a car, needing a home, needing a man, etc etc et-fucking-cetera. I have SO INCREDIBLY MUCH on my mind, and it's quite a shame that my dear friend with whom I share these things just kind of scoffs like their so minimal and all I have to do is "be excited about moving" because, you know, that just solves EVERYTHING. Jesus, why didn't *I* think of that? Because, moving is so simple and it's the ONLY thing I'm thinking about, and I can just magically change my emotional makeup to EXCITEMENT. So I keep it to myself. However, the fucking doctor is always in when YOU have a problem.

That feels better.

Anyway, one thing about this trip is it's NOT the kind of vacation *I* would take. First of all the resort is nice, but I'm not a resort kind of guy. I love nice accomoadations, don't get me wrong, but I feel so removed from the nitty gritty that today when my travel companion when shopping I took a hitchhiking excursion through jungles and mountains to a secluded beach where I mingled with Real Live Island People and one of them even gave me a ride back. You know, there are reasons I prefer to travel alone, not the least of which is being able to just get out there in it. Again, the "resort" is nice, but I'm not one to sit around tourists showing how much money I have via outfits and bling.

I'm also fascinated by the people who live here and either own businesses or work in town, a few of whom I've asked, "Did you just decide one day you wanted to live in the islands, and moved?" The answer is always "Exactly." Where does the money come from though, to open a restaurant, the nice ones of which must cost a jillion dollars?

Gonna go to dinner here in a few and then maybe work it out on the butch stroll, we'll see. I'll be back late tomorrow...then back to work, the thought of which makes me want to vomit. How does one become a professional vacationer.

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