Thursday, July 24, 2008

In Charlotte

Living the high life watching my expense account dwindle when I have like six more trips around the world to make this year. If I go over...what happens? Hmmm...

I figured out today my coworker is not a resourceful person. I also figured out that getting sidetracked with stupid stories and kee-keeing and ha-haing is why nothing ever gets done in these long ass meetings. They sense my frustration I think.

Did I mention I got a ticket the last time I was here? For excessive speeding and "endangering human life and property" or some such? Got a lawyer on the case. Cost me a shitload. I might have to go to drivers school to which I have been before and lets just say it's not America's best and brightest in there. I should feel right at home.

Incidentally, she had BED BUGS in her hotel room when she was in NY last time. Meanwhile, bed bugs are closing in on my apartment as there has been another (unconfirmed) scare RIGHT NEXT DOOR. They had that shit sealed off with blue tape and a sign that said "do not enter till after 7:00 PM" and when you do, "ventilate". I hope they didn't just scatter the things. God will I ever be glad to get out of there.

Been looking at apartments to rent and houses to buy.

Roommate drama later.

Moving stressing me out alongside work.

It's gay pride in the Lotte this weekend so should be fun.

My self-esteem is nearing an all time low, but I'm pulling it back up and together.

Holla at a bitch!

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S.D. said...

FYI: I passed the illustrious, before mentioned neighbor earlier this evening and casually inquiried, "Yeah, Hi. Sorry to bother you! But is your apartment infested with Bedbugs?-inquiring minds want to know!" I was assured it was ONLY crawling floor to ceiling with roaches...