Sunday, August 17, 2008

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope

Two major issues in the move have come to a head as the time draws nigh. I need the advice of interweb viewers everywhere.

First: I have 3 large dressers that are pain-in-the-ass heavy. I am trying to give them away on Craigslist. Perhaps those of you who have experience with Craigslist know that there are a lot of flakes on there. I have some people I think lined up for the stuff, but already one visitor did not take me seriously when I said it is HEAVY and this young 50 pounds soaking wet girl shows up with some dude and declined. Anyway, it's for the taking if you are in the area and need some furniture. The tops of the dressers are "unfinished" but those cube things with shelves sit on top. This ain't Ikea, honey, this is 10,000 tons of storage. Just have some manpower (or womanpower, or dykepower preferably) and be ready for four flights of stairs. And have a big ass truck. Holla.

Two: The cats. Moving with the cats in a simple U-Haul (actually a Penske). I clearly can't put them in the back with the stuff, so they will be riding in front with me, in their little individual cat carriers. This is a nightmare waiting to happen. Some people say they will be so freaked out they won't #1 or #2, but I don't do I address this issue, of feeding, watering, and allowing for natural biological processes? PLEASE give me some advice here.

Incidentally, the other day the man came to take the Murphy bed apart and I was helping him move the pieces to his truck. I left the door propped open and when I came back up I knew where the little one was hiding, but Fat Boy was no where to be found. Turns out he was in the crazy neighbors' with the semi-hot papa's apartment on the third floor. JUST CHILLIN. They got a kick out of it at least. He wouldn't really budge for them, but he came with me, making his funny little noise on the way back up to my apartment, as if to say, "What? I can't visit the neighbors?" He's the exploring spirit and I anticipate he will do ok on the move, it's the other one who is already nervousish and crazy and is GOING TO LOSE HER MIND OVER THIS.


K. said...

Can you give a call in to the vet to get some sedatives? It's a slightly offensive suggestion to some, but if the cat is that freaked out already, it's worth asking about. That's the thing we've done for similar-length drives we've been on in the past. Are you making the drive in one day?

They are going to go nuts in the carriers and meow like crazy. Like they are being tortured and "Oh, why are you doing this?!" Ignore it. I've never had a cat that liked cars that didn't start howling or meowing while driving.

Are they used to the carriers at all? It may be too late for it, but try and get them used to it and comfortable in there. Put their toys in there, give them treats when they go inside, feed them in there a couple of times.

That's off the top of my head at 4:00AM for what we did with our cats. I'm sure there's more.

Moving sucks.

Stroll said...

Thanks K, I emailed you a reply instead of posting here but this is helpful.

Anne Arkham said...

I vote for drugs. I took both cats when I ran out on my husband. The car trip was a whole 20 minutes long, but they screamed the entire time, and were so scared that they both did numbers one and two in their carriers. Also some numbers that haven't been invented yet. If I were going to move someplace farther, I'd see about tranquilizing them.

Stroll said...

God. They're losing their minds a little bit since they know shit's going down with all the commotion for getting ready to move, including strangers in and out to move furniture.

I've been looking into cryogenically freezing them, but apparantly the technology isn't solid yet.