Sunday, August 31, 2008


I got the truk this morning -- it is HUGE and I am RESTRICTED to certain roadways like an 18 wheeler. SUPER BIG UPS to Kevondrala, J-Boogy, Trevenator, and Aarondrala (all of whom refuse to follow my tweets of the journey)for helping me get everything done. I am eternally grateful. I made it to Richmond as planned, the Super 8 on exit 82. Lives up to the online reviews I read. I am in love with the check-in man.

The cats did remarkably well for the vast majority of the trip. Early on however, Buddy, the big one and the one I expected to take it all in stride, FREAKED THE FUCK OUT, and started LITERALLY FOAMING AT THE MOUTH. Eventually I stopped at the first rest area on the turnpike (because I was about to piss my pants) and calmed him down a bit and then we were fine. Shortly before we got here he started up again, but now both he and Jackie are running free in the room, pretty chill, kind of fascinated with the place actually, though getting them back in the cages will be a nightmare in the morning I'm sure.

Well I show up at my friend B's tomorrow with the cats and everything I own and we'll see how this all goes. Right now I am both disgusting and exhausted and gonna fall out with these lovely animals of mine.

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