Friday, August 15, 2008

Mission Impossible

I need advice.

There is this job that my former (two promotions back) supervisor has. A little recon mission (spying) has revealed to me that he has a new position, effective August 22. This will not public knowledge until Monday, but a bitch like me has her ear to the ground.

I just had my performance review, which was good, and I'm moving to Charlotte very, very soon. My boss made a joke at the end of my evaluation (but was completely serious of course) about how I better not "go" anywhere. Failures and bullshit complaints aside, they kind of need me desperately, let's be honest.

His position is located in New York and there has been a stink about another woman being "deployed" and in fact they made her ass move back to New York. In Charlotte I will not be technically "deployed" because I won't be working from home, I'll be working from the satellite office there.

Now the thing is, I WANT THAT MAN'S JOB. He has the NC portfolio among other places I'd like to have, and it's a position that I could so easily rock, I practically did it for two people when I was their assistant a few years back.

I know the powers that be would say, "You just moved to Charlotte. You have to stay in that position." But there must be some way for me to finagle getting that job and being "deployed". How do I breech this with my boss and the Big Boss (who has been in a pissy mood for like 4 months now). It may not be meant to be, but I'm on the case. Holla if ya hear me.

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