Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Material from Jason Holliday

I have written before about Jason Holliday from Portrait of Jason and being in search of material about him. Well the internet reveals, via this post, that an audio CD is available from CD Baby featuring additional recordings of Jason's musings, including: "They talk about 'free love'...well it's the only kind I can afford!" I know that's right!

This lifted my spirits and made my day. Somebody buy this for me as a housewarming gift for my move!

From the CD Baby listing:

When the Clarke film was released, it was seen by fledgling recording engineer/record producer, Michael Rashkow. Captivated by the character, Rashkow set out to present Jason in a different persona---warm, fuzzy, funny and loveable--in a free wheeling comedy format on vinyl.

In those days, audio was edited with razor blades and splicing tape---with segments hung on the wall, coiled into boxes, or hand-spooled onto reels. It took months to construct and when the finished master was delivered to the record label which had agreed to release the LP, they walked away from the project. They wanted something dark and disturbing--like the film.

For the next 40 years that recording sat in a box. Nobody heard it and nobody cared. Rashkow retired in 2002 (and had long ago lost touch with Jason); but when he learned that Jason died in 1998 he felt determined to resurrect the project---and keep alive a legacy of Jason Holliday that the film didn't show.

So, the deteriorated 1/4 inch tapes from the 1960s were transferred to digital format; restored, re-edited, and enhanced by Rashkow on his home computer.

This CD is that finished recording. A labor of love and a piece of history. Jason lives--again. Dig him!

Indeed. Queens and queers of all stripes and abilities, Jason Holliday came before us all.

Here he is from Shirley Clarke's film..."What do you do for a living Jason?"

"One doctor the past couple of weeks keeps harpin on sex. Well sex is the thing I'm trying to forget! Because I've spent so much of my life being sexy, as you can see, that I havn't got anything else done! Ya dig? I've been ballin' from Maine to Mexico, I havn't got a dollar to show for it, but I had a swell time."

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