Thursday, May 14, 2009

Adam Lambert and "Lifestyles"

So I was very happy that Adam Lambert made it through to the final two on American Idol. A friend got me to watching the show and I have been totally sucked in. Adam and Kris Allen were my favorite two all along, now it's down to them!

My co-worker and I are Facebook friends, and she does a little Facebook "note" for every episode, giving her critique and analysis (for whatever that's worth). I skim them sometimes, since she and I talk about the show occasionally and casually. She is a big Adam fan and supporter.

In her most recent note, she mentiones Adam's "lifestyle" and asks "Do I approve of his lifestyle? Nah." She then goes on to say how that should have nothing to do with him winning since it's based on talent. By now I think most people have seen the photos that strongly suggest that Adam is gay (not the photos of him in androgyne-drag, but the ones of him making out with another guy). I am happy that this did not keep him from the final two. But what the fuck does my co-worker know about his "lifestyle"?

I am a gay man that leads a questionable lifestyle of debauchery and fun. However, there is no such thing as a "gay lifestyle". I am not the one to look to for evidence that the gays live wholesome lives and just want a happy monogomous marriage and a picket fence. HOWEVER, one gay lives his life one way, and another his way. My "lifestyle" is mine alone, and yours is yours.

What my co-worker means is that she does not "approve" of his being gay. Which, knowing she has this belief that someone's sexual orientation is something that needs to be approved or disapproved of, makes it difficult for me to look at her. I of course havn't mentioned her post or her "approval".

I should have figured as much about her. She is for one thing dumb as a box of rocks and every single thing that comes out of her mouth has to have some Holy Ghost mention in it. Meanwhile, I am working in this place that feels more like 12 step recovery than a professional environment, for a religious denomination who has as one of its official positions that "homosexuality is not compatible with a Christian lifestyle". There's that word again.

I'll probably get laid off soon and it will be a blessing in disguise. I just hope I can find a way to make enough money to pay my bills, take care of my house, have a little fun, and travel a bit. Please forward me all job leads. My skills are many and varied. My "lifestyle" does not interfere.


Elke said...

What makes me wonder here the most is why you're FB friend's with someone you don't like??? Life's too precious for that. As for Adam Lambert, he's gorgeous and super talented and his sexual orientation is alone his business.
Hey, good luck for your job hunt :)

Stroll said...

It's not that I don't like her, I'm just irritated by her commentary on the subject, and anyone really who states whether they "approve" of someone's "lifestyle". Anyhoo, we're FB friends because people at work find you and add you, and you can't really not accept without them thinking you're an ass or something. FB is politics! LOL Thanks for your comment and job-hunt wishes.