Thursday, May 14, 2009


I had a guy come out to look at my crawlspace. Contrary to what the seller told me before closing, she did not have the "debris" removed from down there. Also, whoever put in the plastic cover put it over the OLD muddy plastic cover which was kind of stupid. There is groundwater as well as surface water getting in down there and I'm sure this has been happening for the last 50 years. I am a wreck over this especially since, by the end of it, having the full nine yards done to make it dry and secure down there, is going to cost me a fortune. Meanwhile I'm probably going ot lose my job in November and I applied for this big time pisition at a local foundation, after which I start doubting myself and my ability to do that job even though it's what I do everyday already and this is BEFORE I even hear anything back from them. I am a mess, my mind never's always something and between yard maintenance and making sure my house is not going to wash away every time it rains, maybe I should have just stayed a renter.

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