Friday, May 01, 2009

How to Get Freelance Work

me: Where do these offers come from, seriously?
Kelly: you gotta make sure everyone knows you're available for work
and i mean everyone
me: how do you do that miss thing
and please don't say twitter lol
Kelly: facebook, emails, calling people up
letting people know what you can do for them
getting involved in the community so you meet more folks who can hire you
me: sigh
Kelly: just gotta be on your game
i know!
me: not getting invovled in the community
Kelly: yes
me: I try to avoid that at ALL COSTS! j/k
I volunteered for WFAE!
Kelly: you don't have to date it - just make sure it knows you exist
me: basically just have casual sex with the community.
I've been doing that for years. Still nothing.
Kelly: you gotta show up at the places where potential employers are
and introduce yourself to people without twirling your hair
me: I'm putting this on my blog.

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