Wednesday, May 06, 2009


I have been reading The Artist's Way which is a twelve week "spiritual" course in nurturing your creativity. I am very anti shi-shi shoo-shoo stuff like this, but the author, Julia Cameron, makes sense and hasn't said anything in her book yet that has made me full roll my eyes. So, creativity, here I come. Woot.

It's good I am doing this, and emersing myself in creative pursuits, reading a lot, and searching on the inside, because times is tough on The Butch Stroll. I have some homeowner issues, not the least of which is water in the crawlspace which totally freaks me out, and resolution is not simply provided by Google. It will likely require professionals which will require money. And speaking of money, the sole reason I go to work, I will likely lose my job in November if not sooner. I kind of want it to just happen anyway because I'm so burned out on that place that I can hardly muster the will to get out of bed in the morning. I've been wearing jeans while the boss was out of town and someone mentioned it. I told them that with the Boss Lady not here, they're lucky I'm not showing up in my pajamas.

So feeling really down on myself, overwhelmed with everything and rolling around in self-pity -- a feeling that is not uncommon for me -- I went into the kitchen to refill my Mountain Dew with vodka.

I noticed that my lettuce seeds have sprouted, which made me unexpectedly inspired and awestruck by these little plants rising up out of the dirt in a container in the window over my sink.

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