Monday, May 11, 2009

Social Media for Meanies (and Typo-Ridden)

me: i have to pee.
me: i forwent lunch cause i havd a bojanlgles breakfast and now i'm starving
Kelly: i'm your personal twitter
me: is that meant for twitter?
good lord [Name Redacted] puts shit on facebook and I had to go back through my updates to make sure I have not tossed my dignity down the facebook toilet like she has.
Kelly: what did she put?
me: i have a few facebookers like that...I'm sure your friends from 10th grade that you havn't seen in years and are really only "friends" wiht on facebooki becuase you have a mild interest in what their lives turned out like are not intrigued by such details of relatioships etc
Kelly: you should write an article about it for your local indie paper!
Kelly: i read [Name Redacted] updates and think - damn, arent you too old for this?
does she have a new one?
also, her twitter is much worse
me: Ok so you would tell me if I am ever a disgusting twitterer/facebooker?
When too much is just too much?
Kelly: it's too much when you tweet "I'm going to die alone"
me: lol!
I mean, not "lol", but whatever.
I think I may have tweeted as much before.
I'm sure I've blogged it.
Kelly: she's always like that
and how so and so better stay off her man
me: Honey I have slashed my wrists across the digital pages of The Butch Stroll many times.
it is catharsis.
And anonyous for the most part at least.
Kelly: right - it's not your status on facebook or twitter
instead of "get a room!" i want to yell "get a blog!"
me: hahah
The last one from her was along those lines of dying alone and she said her boyfrien "could care less" ... and I was tempted to comment "I think you mean count NOT care less"
"Because I mean if he COULD care less, then that means that he doesn't care the vry least possible, which is what I think you are trying to say..."
Kelly: HA! that would've been hilarious!
me: LOL! Total disregard for pained content of someone's text yet in depth explanatory comment on a frequently misunderstood expression = hilarity.
Kelly: hell yes!
because I probably thought the same thing!
i don't think she understands social media. it's not a dumping ground - either be pithy, sarcastic, or straight forward
or dont comment - no one on facebook wants to hear that you almost killed yourself last night
sorry, but it's true
you can interview me for your article
me: I'm so putting this on my blog.


Anonymous said...

This Kelly person is so intelligent!

Stroll said...

She is one smart cookie, but what am I, chopped liver?? ;)