Monday, August 17, 2009

Laura Albert & The Butch Stroll

I have to say a lot has happened to me over the years writing "The Butch Stroll", irregularly and about whatever strikes my fancy. It still surprises me when amazing things happen to me as a result of this little-read blog. Every now and then they do.

You may recall that I am obsessed with the JT Leroy story that unfolded and is maybe only just now winding down a little. If you are not familiar with this topic, just Google it. The short version is: successful author JT Leroy with a back story of having been a transgendered child prostitute was really a writer named Laura Albert all along. She has her own story. She had her reasons for perpetuating the "hoax" of JT Leroy. It's the kind of stuff someone does that makes me like them more. Or become interested in in the first place.

Well guess who emailed your humble, modest blogger? Laura Albert.

I came on hard and heavy with questions -- many of which would have required rehashing and the obvious. Anywho, I am a trustworthy person. So I can't spill all the tea. Not there's any "tea" really. Just some nice emails and hopefully some encouragement for my own paralyzed writing, because the woman is a great writer, whatever else may be said.


Laura said...

Hey, Laura here again - send me yer email - lost it..
seeya, :)

Laura said...

hey Gurl give me a call. Seeya Laura

Laura said...