Saturday, October 03, 2009

Faded Memories.

Last night I was out at Target in the toys section looking at Bratz dolls (don’t ask) with a friend. Suddenly I hear “MISTER [my last name]!” I look up and some woman who is instantly familiar looking is coming towards me with her shopping cart. “Do you remember me?” she asks…and I do not, but one tries to find a nice way to say “not a clue who you are.”

Turns out she was someone I worked with back in college at a call center when I was a credit analyst. She lives in Charlotte now too, and it was extremely awkward yet pleasant to see her. She was mentioning all these people from back then at the job that I have no recollection of whatsoever. She mentioned she worked in HR and I almost put in a plug for job seeking.

It was really funny, I told her, that I had just sent a message to our old boss on LinkedIn to jog her memory since I’m in the job market now and that place is no longer in existence but still on my resume.

It just concerns me sometimes how many memories have faded from my brain. A lot has happened since 1998 and had I not ran into her I would have never thought of her again.

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