Saturday, October 03, 2009

Fallin' Out

At work I have a little window in front of me and in this window I can see the reflection of what’s behind me (which comes in handy). Yesterday I looked into the reflection and saw this woman coming down the hall and strait fall out right near my group’s little cubical farm.

I remained seated and told the woman we were on a conference call with that we were having a “disturbance” on the floor. A lot of people from all over gathered around her and my lesbian friend (who incidentally has my same last name) lept onto the scene taking pulses, feeling forheads, asking appropriate questions such as “Do you know where you are?” The company security arrived and shortly after the paramedics and the woman was whisked away to treatment.

Turns out she had had a bad case of the flu and had come back to work too soon, not feeling well, and got dizzy on her way down the hall thus collapsing.
I told my coworkers that should I ever fall out, please do not let everyone just crowd around me staring like I’m a piece of performance art. Call 911 BEFORE company security. And get me a lesbian immediately.

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