Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do we all know a Deloris or two?

Kinky Friedman wrote of the title character in Sarah Schulman's Deloris that she is "someone unworthy of your love who breaks your heart".

Money as Debt

I was reading this article about Daniel Suelo, a dude who has lived for 10 years without money. Not your typical "homeless". He lives in a cave (with mice and kissing bugs), and has a real spiritual, metaphysical take on the whole thing. A big part of me admires him. I have a fascination with people who turn to a kind of hermitage and succeed at it. A bigger part of me thinks he's just a little bit nuts and quite the extremist. Mice crawling over me in my sleep would send me back to civilization post haste. I think there is something to be said for having a civilized world, with money facilitating our ability to progress...i.e., have shelter and technology and rodent killing poison. Then again, he's not worried about unemployment figures or stock market collapses or doing enough between 9 and maybe mice crawling on him in his sleep isn't the worst thing in the world. And it's not like mice can't infilatrate a house anyway, don't I know...but that's another post for another day.

Ironically, he has a blog. It's "free" for him to have a blog and a website insofar as they are povided by Google at no cost to I don't know if it's breaking any of his rules about "money or conscious barter".

On his website, he links to the below YouTube videos by Paul Grignon, which were made before the current "financial crisis" was front page news everyday. These videos are very informative. A little frightening to boot. The bottom line is, banks just create money out of thin air more or less. I encourage you to watch all five (a total of 45 minutes).

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I was in MANAGEMENT!!!

So, Job Fox is this resume posting, job search thing, and they offer a free assessment of your resume (after which of course they offer you the $399 resume writing service).

I got my assessment back and it was kind of brutal. I can see where my resume is more about "tasks" than "achievements". The most telling and depressing thing is the woman who reviewed it kept referring to my experience as an administrative assistant. As if this is the position I am in and am looking for.

I have not been an administrative assistant for three years. I of course would tkae a job as such, if it were a "good fit", but when people read my resume I would hope they see that I was at a higher level than that after 8 years.

Good lord I am never going to get another job. Frightening. Guess I have some resume work to do :-/

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Title.

I hear today they were laying people off at work.

I have, of course, already taken the "voluntary separation" package, along with a co-worker here in Charlotte.

The other day during the department meeting the big boss just dropped the bomb on everybody, totally surprising me, because I thought the plan was at least for me to say it.

I think that it was minimally shocking to the staff, but there was nary a peep when she said it. My co-worker and co-quitter was out sick. The big boss asked me if I had anything to add. I said, not really, and then gave a standard schpiel about missing everyone and bla bla bla. The whole thing was kind of anti-climactic. I had hoped to go out with more of a bang.

Then today I hear through the grapevine they're laying off the secretaries. The four that have been there the least long, the longest of which was about five years.

I had planned to write this heartfelt departure email, meant to tug at their heartstrings and give them a little hope in these troubled times at the agency. Now in light of these layoffs, I don't know that I will.

I hardly even talked to the Big Big Boss about it, and it was an awkward little chat. But she's got a lot on her mind too, my reconnaissance shows.Meanwhile everything is changing and the organization, and the management of clergy and big wigs has no idea what they're doing or how the place actually gets run.

I'll be so glad to get out of there! However I am so nervous about the job market. I talked to this woman today at a fancy resume referral place (basically a glorified temp agency) and she asked if I was still working for "the Church" in "New York". I explained that I now work for the Church in Charlotte, and that I live in Charlotte. It made me reconsider my resume: maybe de-emphasize "Church" and "NYC" so I'm not disregarded as some damn evangelical yankee coming down here stealing jobs.

She said keep in touch about the job I was calling about, but they already have sent them some resumes. I asked if she might keep me on file for future positions and she said she would. She sounded like a major bitch.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Michael Jackson's Will

Lots of people out there talking about Michael Jackson's will (.pdf) and how he left his former wife out of it, and doesn't mention his dad, etc...but why has no one pointed out that he put his kids in the care of Diana Ross if his mother Katherine was unable or unwilling? I found that interesting.