Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Butch Stroll in Overtime

My job is based on micromanagement. Since day one, most of the people doing the "grunt work" are contractors from the temp agency, and they have been weeding them out from day one. I have held on and survived to this point, and am in the group that is considered "ongoing". So I've proven something, I guess.

My boss now does our weekly reviews and for everything I do not get the highest mark but "satisfactory". She's constantly stating how I can get to the next level, which, whatever. While she was on vacation last week the fill-in for her did our reviews. I scored over the top. So, suffice it to say the boss is just a tough grader.

We go by these systems that measure certain aspects of how we spend our time, and if they're off -- they're always off becuase of schedule changes and system updates -- then we're supposed to send her the explanation within a tight time frame. I, of course, comply with this.

While she was on vacation, I sent one of these emails a day after the fact because the system wasn't even updated to show ANY information. I sent it to everyone I'm supposed to and copied her, even though she wasn't in the office.

Today, same thing: sent her an update a day late becuase the system wasn't even available to check on the actual day.

I get this reply from her shortly after about how I'm not "meeting the expectations" because it was not sent RIGHT THEN and all this other jargon and jibberish about my "competencies" being effected during the monthly review (they do constant reviews).

I replied to her explaining, but I had replied thinking that she had replied to my most recent email but it was about the one last week when she wasn't even there. So I goofed at firing off an email including my subtle yet bitchy tone, just like her email contained.

I explained in person to her that I thought she had replied to the other email, and she was listening to something else so I said nevermind and now I'm all like fuck it.

The point is she's hot and cold, extremely moody and I just don't get the whole bitch face attitude from her on a daily basis. I mean, you got the job honey. Chill out.

But what sucks I still have to go on smiling and nodding at anything that comes up in my reviews because she has the power to make things happen or not happen, and I want to succeed while I have to be there even though I am on a frantic yet half hearted search for something else. Half hearted because the job search is getting depressing.

Meanwhile I have volunteered for every waking hour of overtime I can get while it's available because it won't always be when things slow down. I know I am going to regret this after working seven days this week, with several of those days being twelve hour days. WTF am I thinking. I need the money so desperately though especially after the Car Robbery Incident of 2010. I'm getting the window fixed tomorrow though and thankfully the insurance will cover it at 100%.

I need a big change. I have invites to Texas and New York and I would love to escape but I'm gonna need money and time off both of which are hard to come by. So we'll see.

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