Monday, May 24, 2010

Professions I Should Have Chosen

People often ask me what is it that I "really want to do" or what is my "real passion in life".

Well first off my passions in life are things that aren't going to earn a living, many of which could possibly result in jail time. Secondly, the things that I "really want to do" are lines of work that I'm probably not going to ace the interview for.

Here is my list of professions I think I would enjoy and be awesome at.

1. Spy
2. Private Investigator
3. Counselor of some sort (the best professional counselors are a little crazy themselves)
4. Celebrity PR (tell those bitches what to say/do in regards to scandals)
5. Repo man
6. The interventionist on Hoarders (though first site of a bedbug and I'm OUT, and I would have limited patience with resistance to throwing things away)

More to come on this list.

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