Thursday, June 10, 2010

Zen Habits

My two new favorite websites are Zen Habits and Mnmlist. I can't believe I didn't discover them sooner as they are wildly popular. They are both created by the same dude, who lives in Guam of all places if he hasn't moved to San Francisco yet. Anyway, they are filled with good information, simple tips on happiness and a more fulfilling life. Sounds like the stuff eye rolling is made of but I totally buy into it and love hearing it from someone who does not come across as high-and-mighty or douchy.

And truth be told, most of it is stuff that I've really tried to do in my life, believe it or not. Of course I've failed a lot, but I'm making it my New Year's resolution (New Week's Resolution, since I actually started on Monday) to Do Something Productive Every Day. This will keep me from wasting time and being a sloth and in the long run will generate more positive habits. I'll work my way up to that Quit Smoking goal. I'll be working on productivity and creativity. In the meantime, I will be working on living with what I have and making the most out of that, which is plenty.

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