Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What should one do in this case...?

So the new job is going great. However something is weighing on my mind a bit.

Before I left the last job, I went through the background check process with them, and the company sent me the completed background check (as requested). They checked every county I had had a residence in, and I didn't have a record in any of those counties. However, there was a note that a county that was not checked may have a record. That was the county in which I had had a ticket for speeding and reckless driving. Apparently the company didn't care to find out what it was and I passed and got the job (which I didn't take in the end). It's just traffic anyway, but I'm alarmed that it is on there, and that it doesn't instead just say what it was reduced to!

Anyway, so this new job involves background checks. I of course went through one to get the job. However I didn't get it sent like the last time. What happens is if there's anything fishy on your background check, it goes to a higher up to say it's ok or it's not ok (in which case you don't get the job). Well I took the, um, liberty of looking up my own background check. I mean it's my background information so... I discovered that I had been sent to the big boss to approve! And the traffic thing above didn't even show up, but rather a "trespassing" misdemeanor I had from FOURTEEN YEARS AGO!

It was dismissed but it still showed up, even as "dismissed," the information is there. I had forgotten entirely about it (I was peeing in a parking lot and before I got back in the car the cops pulled up and said I was trespassing since it was after store hours. Sigh.) Of course the big boss approved it stating "not work related", and I never heard a thing about it from her or anyone. However it freaks me out that that is out there on my record for any kind of future need to be screened and what if she had decided to not hire me since I didn't disclose? Something that was supposed to be "dismissed" or "reduced", I'm not sure.

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